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Superyachts are generally required to take pilots when visiting most ports. We will book these for you and ensure you know everything from pilot boarding points to pilot on board times and boarding arrangements.

We find that most Captains prefer to take pilots when arriving into an unfamiliar port and, when you add to this tide and traffic it is by far the most sensible option.

For certain size yachts we can also offer the option of a Waterman who is experienced in the local waters but not a pilot. They can accompany you on as much or as little of your trip as you like and act as a marine guide if required.

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Other Services

Other Services


Send us your crew list and Certificate of registry and we will do the rest


We can supply provisions of any kind to you wherever you are in the UK or Ireland


Whether it is chauffeur driven cars or luxury vans, we can arrange it …


From close protection to overnight passerelle watch we have discreet, reliable …


We work with one of the largest fuel suppliers in the UK and are able to supply at very competitive prices …


From private tours of Royal palaces, exclusive rounds of golf, and sporting events to private shopping, …


Even if you want that special photo of the yacht arriving in London or passing under Tower Bridge let us know …

Invoice Management

If required and make payments on your behalf during your time in the UK …

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