What a year

What a year 2023 turned out to be for the team here at MGMT.

As we predicted at the end of last year, the UK, as a Superyacht destination was at the beginning of a boom period.

How right we were!

The year started out very well with visits from some of the largest Superyachts the UK has seen. We were there on the dock waiting to greet them as they arrived. As always, we ensure there is always someone present for arrival of our clients no matter where in the UK they arrive into. Whether it is Falmouth or Aberdeen, one of our team will be there on the dock to welcome you.

Why the boom?

We look into the increased number of visits in detail and have attributed the increase in visits to a number of factors;

  1. Changing trends in the Superyacht industry. Yacht owners and their Captains are always on the look out for somewhere different. We have talked about this in the past and, although the UK is not a new destination it takes time for the industry to feel comfortable with somewhere relatively new. The UK wasn’t really on anyone’s radar before the 2012 olympics but since then traffic has steadily increased.
  2. BREXIT. As we mentioned in a recent article here, Brexit means that the UK can now be used for EU VAT clearance. This makes the UK as a quick stop very attractive to most yachts.
  3. Repeat visits. The yachts that come to us for VAT clearance usually return for a guest trip. This is due to two things;
      1. There is a lot more to the UK and causing the waters than they realise. The UK is diverse and has something for everyone.
      2. We, as agents ensure literally everything is taken care of to a standard few captains expect. Once they talk to us, learn about our background, and see sample itineraries plus some of the yachts we have worked for we start to build trust and confidence.
  4. Connections: Word of mouth is huge in the yachting industry and we are happy to say our reputation precedes us. We also are part of World League of Agents which actively promotes and networks its members to ensure all our collective clients are looked after properly. This means a lot, not only to us but also to the yachts we all work for. They know they can trust us to do a great job.

This is just the beginning

MGMT has been around for 14 years now. We have, and always will work hard for every single client we take care of. But, this is just the beginning of a boom for the UK. We expect to see Superyacht visits to the UK increase massively over the coming few years. As the only dedicated Superyacht agent in the UK, we cover the entire country and provide every service we offer in whatever location you would like to visit.

Come and see us

We are taking bookings and creating bespoke itineraries for 2024 right now. So, get in touch to see what we can do for you next year.

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