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What a year

What a year 2023 turned out to be for the team here at MGMT. As [...]

EU VAT clearance

EU VAT clearance is worth a lot of money, or more importantly saves a lot [...]

The Best UK Superyacht Destinations: South Devon

There’s no way you can talk about the UK’s most desirable destinations for Superyachts without [...]

The Best UK Superyacht Destinations: Poole

Nestled in the heart of the British South Coast, Poole is widely considered the perfect [...]

UK Superyacht visits

The UK offers the best of many things when it comes to UK Superyacht visits. [...]

The next big thing!

UK Superyacht visits have become more and more popular since the 2012 Olympics. That summer [...]

Abuse in Yachting: It Still Exists

Abuse in Yachting still exists. A lot of you are probably reading this and thinking, [...]

London in the Winter? Why not!

2020 has been a strange year for most people and the Superyacht industry is no [...]

UK Superyacht Agent

MGMT is the largest specific UK Superyacht agent. This means you can rest assured that [...]

Offshore Banking: Is there any point?

Offshore banking has never seen so much press coverage as it has lately. With this [...]

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