London in the Winter? Why not!

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2020 has been a strange year for most people and the Superyacht industry is no exception. However, the end of the summer season is looking a little more normal compared with the beginning. As such, yachts are starting to move, make plans and look at what’s next.

We have seen a lot of Superyacht traffic in the UK this summer for a number of reasons.

  1. Isolation: Lots of Superyachts came to the UK to avoid the hot spots. Both for the industry and COVID
  2. Later in the summer Superyachts have starting returning to the UK for charter and owner cruises.
  3. Extended summer. We are getting a lot of enquirers from yachts wanting to extend their season by visiting London.


There is never a bad time to visit London. Nobody comes to London for the sun. So, if you are thinking about where to go to extend the season a little where could be better. London is not the top of most yacht owners’ list of destinations as it isn’t the obvious choice for normal Superyacht related activities. No sunbathing (generally), Jet skis or beaches. However, look a little closer and you soon realise that, despite not having the usual attractions there are plenty of other things which make London “The place” to bring a Superyacht.

How close can a Superyacht get?

The simple answer to this is, very close. In fact, how does right in the middle of London sound? Here at MGMT we pride ourselves on being resourceful and have a number of options for berths in Central London right by the iconic Tower Bridge. We have an alongside berth with its own private pier for Superyachts up to 60m. In addition to this there is an alongside berth for vessels up to 90m. There are also two mid river moorings. One for Superyachts up to 110m, and the other for up to 55m.

Further down river there are the options of Canary Wharf and the Royal Docks. Both are non tidal, locked berths and can provide secure, alongside locations for Superyachts up to 150m and 185m respectively.

What can we do in London?

The easy way to answer this may be by saying what you can’t do, the list is much shorter. There are no beaches on the Thames and so you have to approach a Superyacht visit to London with a different attitude. Look at it as the ultimate luxury city visit. London is one of, if not the greatest city on earth. History, Royalty, architecture, Culture, diversity, Food, Drink and of course shopping all battle for your attention. There truly is something for everyone.


London has great transport links. From a number of private jet operators around London for guest arrivals to main airports for crew changes, travel is simple.

Once in London we have chauffeur vehicles and most yachts are able to use their tenders on the river to make guest trips a bit quicker and a lot more interesting.


We are on hand for literally anything you could possibly need from planning your trip to managing it once you arrive. We are more than happy to look into berth options and logistics for you. Add to this, immigration, customs, crew visa questions, provisions and vehicles and you see why we are an all service agency.

Yes, London is a different location for most Superyachts but don’t let that put you off. We will ensure your visit not only goes smoothly but your guests enjoy every minute of it.


We also have the options of winter berths for Superyachts of literally any size up to 185m. We can also offer extremely competitive prices and berths in the city where yachts can spend the winter away from the Med. Perfect for maintenance, leave and a change of scene for the winter, you will be surprised by how much cheaper London is than the South of France, Spain or Italy for the winter.

If you would like to know more, discuss pricing or book a berth please feel free to get in touch by calling +44207 193 3206 or clicking here


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